Security Intelligence Automated.

Improve your security posture with true threat analysis for your cloud services.

Stolen Credentials

Detecting successful phishing attacks, password spraying, and 2FA bypass.

File Access

SharePoint & OneDrive can be used by an internal attacker to share data outside your org.


Detecting unauthorized usage in your IaaS services through automated intelligence.


Our security experts will receive and repond to notification and take immediate action.

The cloud security fail-safe
built for MSPs.

Trawl AI's security intelligence platform automates the collection and analysis of data points to protect your cloud assets when all others fail.

Multi-Tenant protection

Simplified workflow for adding and managing subscriptions on a tenant by tenant basis.

Multi-Cloud services

Affordable cloud service protection for MS 365 and AWS, with Google Workspace, Azure, and more on the way.


What our customers have to say.

“Trawl AI disovered anomalous logins to the account of a company director. Access to his email could have led to the loss of valuable research and damage to our reputation. We immediately forced log outs and disabled the user until they could be notified. ”

Medical research, raleigh, nc

“We were notified that access to certain SharePoint links had increased by an order of magnitude, indicating someone with the link had their email exploited. We were able to quickly disable the link and implement new policies to prevent this going forward.”

Architecture Design, durham, nc

“With Trawl AI, we're notified when we have a security event in one of our tenants, but also have access to data and reporting that allows us to research actions of individuals when our clients suspect an employee is acting against the company.”

Managed Services, raleigh, nc

Focus on what you do well.
We can handle the repsonse.

Our security operations services provide you with cloud expertise to ensure you and your tenants get all the attention they deserve.

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Recent Announcements

Shelley Westman

Board of Advisors

Trawl AI welcomes Shelley Westman to our Board of Advisors. Shelley's previous experience includes in bringing cybersecurity services to market for IBM and Ernst & Young, and is now driving large scale change across business functions at Wolfspeed as Sr. Enterprise Transformation Leader.

Doug Balog

Board of Advisors

Doug Balog joins the Trawl AI Board of Advisors. Doug previously assisted Trawl AI as a member of CED's VMS program. Doug is a retired senior executive for IBM's Systems Unit responsible for innovation, sales, and growth. Doug is a current board member and strategic advisor for FalconStor and Rapt.AI.

Why Trawl AI?

Not just log management

Trawl AI goes beyond SIEM. We collect information about how your tenant and individual users utilize your services so we can determine when a change may indicate unauthorized access or authorized users acting against the tenant.

Easy to use

Adding a tenant to your profile is easy, and checks and alerts are created for you with a simple interface to enable and disable on a per tenant and per user basis.

Stop attackers before they cause damage

Shorter intervals mean we detect attackers as soon as they gain access to your tenant, and with security operation services from Trawl AI we can act immediately to force log outs and disable logins until passwords are changed.

Cloud native security for all

Trawl AI is designed to work with all cloud services to detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, unauthorized access, and internal misuse when all other measures fail. We retain information longer to re-analyze when new attack vectors are discovered.

Ready to give it a try?

Trawl AI notifies you when:

Your spam filter fails and a phishing attempt is successful

IAM accounts are stolen and instances created (before your billing notification).

When an employee is taking data with them as they leave the company.

When accounts are exploited and message rules are created.

Without Trawl AI, how will you know?

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