Accessible. Secure. Automated.

Trawl AI is making intelligent cloud security accessible to everyone through a simple subscription process, fully automated configuration of checks and alerts, and an optional Security Ops center service to react immediately to detected threats throughout your services.

This provides a cost effective security fail-safe for MSPs and direct cloud service users.

The Beginning

Trawl began as an agent-based data center security correlation system that would identify anomalous usage throughout infrastructure services.

The beginning of the pandemic accelerated adoption of cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, and recognizing that, we pivoted to focus on those services to protect smaller businesses who quickly became the target of threat actors across the globe.

Trawl AI Leadership

Matt has spent most of his 25 year career in managed services. From developing hosting platforms for enterprise applications to securing public and private cloud infrastructure through monitoring and compliance.

Matt Iavarone - Founder

Teresa is leading our business development efforts and is also a small business founder and manager, offering commercial business services in Massachusetts.

Teresa Iavarone - Co-Founder

Our Board of Advisors

Shelley is currently Sr. Enterprise Transformation Leader with Wolfspeed and has previously brought new cybersecurity services to market for EY and IBM.

Shelley Westman

Doug is a seasoned senior executive in the IT industry, currently serving as a consultant and board member/adviros for numerous tech companies and several VC funds.