Early Detection

Trawl AI secures your cloud services by detecting active exploits that bypassed other security measures, such as email gateways, multi-factor authentications, and anti-virus software.

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Microsoft 365 Security

Protect your information from attacks by quickly identifying security breaches.

Seventy-five percent of targeted cyber attacks start with an email. Spam filters are meant to protect us, but phishing emails get through and they're getting more sophisticated, leading to stolen credentials that provide access to sensitive company data.

The average time to identify such a breach was 207 days. Nearly 7 months of access before your IT department or managed services company was aware.

With Trawl AI, that time is reduced to as little as 1 minute. We analyze logins, data consumption, administrative actions, and more data points to immediately identify stolen credentials, internal threats, and successful phishing attacks, as well as provide a dashboard to report on user activity when evidence of wrongdoing is needed.

Microsoft Exchange 365
Microsoft Sharepoint 365
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Outlook 365

Amazon AWS

Coming soon

Currently in beta, this service will be released in the Summer of 2022. Trawl AI tracks how you use AWS resources so you can be notified when an anomaly in use, access, and services are detected.

Google Workspace

Coming soon

In development, Google Workspace protection will be offered to beta users in the fourth quarter of 2022. Trend utilization and validate security best practices. Gain important insight into how your cloud services are used, and who is creating and removing resources.


Coming soon

Detect changes in cloud service utilization, ensure security best practices, and test public access to configured resources to ensure your information is secure.

Azure protection is under development and will be made available to beta users later this year.