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Microsoft 365 Secured.

Trawl AI detects stolen credentials, multi-factor authentication bypass, internal threats, and third party exploits so you remain protected when prevention measures fail.

Microsoft 365 Security through Automated Intelligence

Trawl AI collects and trends dozens of activities and data points to immediately detect when a breach or anomalous activity has occurred.

Prevention measures are necessary for any business, but the rapidly changing attack vectors and availability of sophisticated tools to bypass them keep you vulnerable to email based attacks.

We provide intelligent detection when other security products fail. Our AI driven data analysis is your fail-safe, adding a layer of security, reducing risk, and providing for immediate action to stop attackers as soon as they gain access.

Account Protection

Trawl analyzes each successful login and compares it against a profile of the user and the company to determine if an account has been exploited.

While Microsoft 365 can prevent logins from known malicious IP addresses, it does not offer the level of protection that Trawl provides, by looking for geographic anomalies, access through service based VPNs, and password spraying attacks.

SharePoint & OneDrive

SharePoint and OneDrive are important tools in organizing and sharing information within and outside of your organization.

However, it can be used by attackers to access sensitive information, and by internal threat actors to remove or share information with outsiders.

Trawl AI detects pattern changes that indicate an internal user is removing files from your organization or a successful attack has occurred and a threat actor is viewing your data.


Detect significant increases in outbound emails and email sizes that indicate an employee is acting against the company, as well as message rules and other changes in usage threat may indicate an active attack against a user.

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Add the AI driven security fail-safe to your Microsoft 365 Tenant to protect against directed, email-based attacks that spam and anti-malware can't stop.

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